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    Huzairy is highly committed to lead ZK Paradigm across economies and cultures with greener and better approaches, in a work environment that is flexible and fun but to remain unique in concept, skillful execution and a passion for high aesthetics. His experience of delivering high-rise residential and mix use developments are extensive, ranging from large scale urban regeneration developments, to infill new build in historic locations, to campus schemes around Australia. As part of the growth and development of ZK Paradigm, Huzairy has been instrumental in introducing systems which place the firm at the forefront of the use of BIM platforms. He has an extensive experienced in BIM technology, and been involved in many big projects involving BIM implementation from start to finish.

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    Khalis is passionate about consolidating ZK Paradigm’s strengths as a genuinely fresh, appealing alternative for those embarking on a renovation or new build projects. His goal is make ZK Paradigm, a property development firm that has a strong design ethos underpinning a realistic commercial approach to projects. In addition he has developed a strong relationship with the local residential sector working collaboratively with various property developers clientele in the retail, leisure, and commercial sectors. As the Executive Director, Khalis, brings a wealth of architectural experience in Malaysia, in all facets of property development to ZK Paradigm.

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