Huzairy Hazin

Managing Director 

M. Arch RMIT University, Australia | ARBV.AU | AIA.AU | Autodesk REVIT Architecture Certified Professional


Malaysian born Australian architect and designer, Huzairy Hazin  is dedicated to bring fresh and creative ideas to each unique project whilst working together with all ZK Paradigm’s experts worldwide. With 15 years experience living abroad pursuing his professional career as an architect,  Huzairy is back to his hometown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to embark on a new journey with his good friend, Khalis, leveraging on his international experiences in architecture and design field for the betterment of the field in Malaysia.

With over 10 years of professional experience overseas, Huzairy has had the opportunity to work as a freelance architect and designer with a large variety of clients with professional involvement in different fields of architecture and design projects. An RMIT University Architectural School Graduate, Huzairy graduated with honours and now his personal portfolio extends across South East Asia, to designing for personal clientele in various countries.

Huzairy is highly committed to lead ZK Paradigm across economies and cultures with greener and better approaches, in a work environment that is flexible and fun but to remain unique in concept, skillful execution and a passion for high aesthetics.

His experience of delivering high-rise residential and mix use developments are extensive, ranging from large scale urban regeneration developments, to infill new build in historic locations, to campus schemes around Australia.

As part of the growth and development of ZK Paradigm, Huzairy has been instrumental in introducing systems which place the firm at the forefront of the use of BIM platforms. He has an extensive experienced in BIM technology, and been involved in many big  projects involving BIM implementation from start to finish. Huzairy is also an Autodesk REVIT Architecture Certified Professional worldwide consultant with REVIT experience since 2004.

Huzairy will be involved in all aspects of design oversight, working directly with all clients and project teams as well as specialist consultants to ensure creative design vision through all phases. He leads a talented hand-picked design team in realizing unique creative visions for each individual project for ZK Paradigm.



Nik Ahmad Khalis Nik Abdul Rahman


M. Arch RMIT University, Australia | LAM | PAM 

Khalis obtained his Master Degree of Architecture from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. He has worked for a number of architectural practices in Malaysia bringing with him a variety of experience across various architectural fields.

Khalis has 5 years experience working on residential projects ranging from affordable, single and multi family housing, to mixed use developments in Malaysia. He aims to create an enjoyable process from start to finish and to quickly and effectively resolve any issues which may arise. His ultimate satisfaction comes from helping clients & friends achieve their dreams and vision for their project, regardless of the project size.

Khalis has a strong knowledge of local government and council design guidelines. This is combined with an ability to build productive client relationships that help enable him to produce quality projects, designed to client’s briefs and budgets.

Khalis is passionate about consolidating ZK Paradigm’s strengths as a genuinely fresh, appealing alternative for those embarking on a renovation or new build projects. His goal is make ZK Paradigm, a property development firm that has a strong design ethos underpinning a realistic commercial approach to projects. In addition he has developed a strong relationship with the local residential sector working collaboratively with various property developers clientele in the retail, leisure, and commercial sectors.

As the Executive Director, Khalis, brings a wealth of architectural experience in Malaysia, in all facets of property development to ZK Paradigm.

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