Autodesk Revit Architecture



Autodesk Revit software is the architectural, engineering and facilities used at international level by the Project Managers and BIM Managers to develop their projects in construction INFO modeling (BIM, Building Information Modeling) and climatic, electrical, plumbing, sanitation and plumbing (MEP, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services).

Revit provides enormous advantages to engineers, architects, draftsmen, designers and interior facilities as:

✓  Revit parametric system design in bi-directional 3D/2D:  Each element is linked document and intelligently to the entire project, and every change is automatically re-calculated and re-organized for the whole project.

✓  Revit centralizes all project information in one place:  reduces query times, visualization, calculation importation and export information. Ultimately substantially improves workflows.

  Revit integrates different parts and design elements:  import AutoCAD files, Robot, Inventor, etc., facilitating the distribution of skilled labor, and the collaboration between different professionals and companies, so vital to international projects.

✓  Revit detects problems and collisions:  the centralized information system integrates information from all parts of the project and detect inconsistencies and errors that may arise.

✓  Revit quality improvement projects: by reducing time getting into each project, you can spend more hours working on improving the quality of the project.

✓ Revit strengthen cooperation between companies and professionals:  the coordination of project tasks and elements offering simplifies working between professionals from different specialties, and corporate partners.

✓ Revit increase the commercial potential of the project:  it is the MEP BIM and software most used internationally which increases the collaboration with customers and partners, and technical benefits provide more accurate planning, fewer resources and lower costs. Besides its powerful 3D visualization system, outfitted with Autodesk Navisworsk , make it the perfect tool for submitting projects.





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